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Double Glazed Window and Door Solutions to Global Warming Threats

Double glazed windows and doors are proven long-lasting solutions that can help protect you and your loved ones against climate change.  Studies show that almost eight out of ten Australians accept that climate change is real, and scientifically proven. Australia is particularly vulnerable to the effects of global warming because of our extensive arid and semi-arid areas (dry/barron/unable to support vegetation), high temperatures and water supply issues. We have already witnessed the devastation that fires and flooding can cause our communities such as recently in Victoria, NSW and North Queensland. With climate change, we see the risk of more frequent, devastating events happening. Our population is highly concentrated in coastal areas, so what happens when sea levels begin to rise, even if only slowly at first. Almost 250,000 homes in Australia are at risk of flooding if sea levels rise by one metre alone.

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Climate Change – Mitigation vs Adaptation

Climate change isn’t just affecting Australia; the term is global warming. The whole world needs to make changes, and quickly, to prevent catastrophic consequences of us continuing to live as we are. But as one person, one small family or business, can you really make an impact? Yes, you can.

There are two ways that we can all tackle climate change; mitigation and adaptation.

Mitigation, in short, is our efforts and actions taken towards reducing harmful gas emissions into the atmosphere. Adaptation is our ability to deal with the impact of climate change over time. Both are vital to the survival of our planet, and the human race.


uPVC Double Glazed Windows – Mitigation

One of the main mitigation actions that we can take to avoid the increase of pollutant emissions is improving our energy efficiency. Many other ways such as energy sources (moving from coal to renewable energy) or carbon taxes are out of the control of most of us, but we can control how energy efficient our home or business is.

uPVC double glazed windows and doors are more thermally efficient than the more traditional material options in Australia, wood and aluminium. Don’t just take our word for it – according to the uPVC Windows Alliance “the low conductivity of uPVC as a material, the tight seals uPVC windows provide, and the ease at which they can be fabricated for double and triple glazing, make uPVC an excellent choice in energy efficient buildings”.

In NSW BASIX® Certificate is a Government planning requirement affecting anyone submitting a Building Application in NSW for a new house, unit/s, or alteration (above $50,000) to ensure that they comply with specific energy and water reduction targets. Part of this ‘checklist’ requires the use of energy efficient windows and doors. Independent research shows that owners of new homes that comply with BASIX® regulations can reduce their annual water and power bills by up to $600/year on average.

uPVC double glazed windows and doors are not only energy efficient but are also 100% recyclable and therefore resource saving. The low levels of pollution during production of uPVC and the longevity of the product in turn then contribute towards the protection of the environment. When you choose uPVC windows or uPVC doors, you are making the environmentally sound choice and helping reverse the effects of climate change.


uPVC Double Glazed Windows – Adaptation

So now we understand more about how we can have a direct effect on energy saving and therefore can reduce our own carbon footprint, we will now explore how double glazing solutions can help us to adapt to the effects of climate change that we are already noticing in our own lives.

Did you know that 87% of all heat gain is through a window? That 40% of all air conditioning output is lost through traditional windows? With climate change resulting in a significant change in temperatures, happening at a much quicker rate than predicted, we can’t ignore real opportunities to keep the heat out as our summers heat up!

Double glazed windows will aid in keeping your home cool during those hot, soon to be hotter, summer months. And then in winter? Double glazing is equally as efficient in containing heat, meaning not only will you save on your energy bills but will be in turn reducing the amount of energy your home uses and your direct effect on climate change.

So as uPVC energy efficient windows and doors show us ways we can become involved in the mitigation of global warming, they also work towards our adaptation to these increasingly frequent changes in climate and extreme weather. Climate change is real, and for the survival of future generations, it is imperative that we all make every change that we can, now.


Contact Integra Windows to learn more about how you can join the increasing numbers of Australians making the switch today.

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