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May 30, 2019
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Smart Aussies upgrading to uPVC Windows and Doors
June 17, 2019

Renovating in Sydney? How much does it cost to replace windows?

With property prices continuing to drop in Sydney, with some reporting that in 2019 property prices could fall by 25% or more, it’s a buyers market. Does this mean that homeowners will rush to get their property on the market before prices fall even further? Or will they hang on to their investment, waiting for the storm to pass?

With such uncertainty surrounding the value of property, is this a time for homeowners to consider renovations? You would assume no, as why would you invest more money into a property that is seemingly losing value with nothing you can do to prevent it? We’ll explain why we disagree:


Love where you live

For those that have invested heavily in their property, being able to move home at a time like this is simply out of the question. So what do you do? Instead of looking for a better home, choose to improve the home that you live in. Love where you live.


Modernise, appeal

There are those homes that would warrant a higher price in today’s market if they were more aesthetically appealing. Renovating your property to make it more appealing to buyers (and get a higher price) is another choice homeowners face.


Competitive edge

With more competition in the market, people trying to get the best possible price while they still can, it is important for your home to have a competitive edge if you are going to sell. Renovations, small or large, can give you a competitive edge.

Eco-friendly homes are the future

With more pressure from the NSW Government to make homes energy efficient and eco-friendly, renovating your home whilst considering energy saving solutions can give you long-term cost saving benefits that you can gain from in the short term too!


Why windows should be top of your list of renovations

Windows. They are one of the most important features of a home, inside and out. They determine the amount of light in a room, how much air can circulate during those hot summer months, and let’s be honest, need to be aesthetically appealing.


  • New windows give a property a contemporary look and feel. Replacing old and worn windows throughout the home can instantly give any room a facelift.
  • But it isn’t just the inside that counts. The first impression someone has of your home is from the outside, and what better way to introduce them to your style than through your choice of windows and doors.
  • Traditionally windows in Australia have been made with wood or aluminium, allowing for a limited colour palette and an even more limited design element. Replacing windows with a modern material such as uPVC allows a much broader selection of colours and styles, each perfectly matched to your home.
  • The cost-saving efficiencies of windows and doors in the home are often overlooked. But they shouldn’t be. Replacing windows alone can provide huge energy efficiencies during both summer and winter months, ensuring a wise investment that will pay for itself over time.


Yet people are often put off at the thought of replacing windows. Why? It’s not an easy task.

From measuring and selecting the new windows for each room of the house (a bathroom window choice is very different to a bedroom window) removing the existing windows (with a great deal of care) to perfect measurements and expert installation, replacing windows often requires professionals. And renovating comes at a cost, often people choosing to save where they can. Are new windows really worth the hassle…


Replacing windows – cost saving tips

Integra Windows is a double glazed windows and doors supplier in Sydney. uPVC double glazed windows and doors are becoming an increasingly popular choice due to their sound reduction technology, energy efficiency and versatile colour/design options.

Calculating Window Costs

But double glazing aside, the same cost-saving principles apply to all window and door replacement. Let’s look at some of Integra Window’s top tips for creating financial efficiencies during renovations.


  1. Quantity – top of the list is to proceed with as many windows/doors at one time as possible. Quite often people may choose to only replace certain windows of a property, or the ‘front’ of the home and not the rear. But Integra would advise to avoid this tactic and jump straight in at replacing all windows/doors. Why?
  • This reduces manufacturing costs, using automated machinery reduces the labour costs by increasing the output.
  • Delivery costs are also reduced as all products can be delivered at the same time, rather than over several increments.
  • Save on installation costs, as although you may be installing more windows it means that efficiencies can be created by the installation team.


  1. Material – the material you choose to replace your windows with can have a massive effect on the cost of the project. For example, a traditional material like wood is one of the most expensive forms of a window frame, whereas a material such as uPVC is significantly cheaper.
  • Choose a material such as uPVC which will require less maintenance over time, meaning that the solution continues to be cost-effective.


  1. Efficiency – single pane windows, whether they be wood or aluminium, unfortunately, are not thermally efficient; during the summer months they allow heat to easily penetrate the home and in the colder months of winter they allow heat to escape easily, and the cold to find a way in.
  • By choosing double glazing you can create efficiencies in the home that will provide long-term savings.


Whether you are renovating your family home or have recently picked up a bargain and want to renovate to add your own style or modernise, windows should be at the top of your list of considerations.

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