Give Your Home or Office a cosmetic makeover with our Complete Range of Windows and Doors Accessories

Integra Windows provides a complete range of accessories that enhance the look of your double glazed doors and windows. We believe that doors and windows are incomplete without attractive handles.

Our handles are manufactured with the greatest care and professionalism. The myriad of styles and colours are designed to bring out the personality and dimensions of your doors and windows. Simple yet sophisticated and elegant.


Internal & External Blinds

The Blinds from Integra are especially designed to give you the full control of natural lighting and your privacy. They are professionally designed and made to impress your guests. Our Venetian blinds are created to meet every homeowner’s desire for a great outdoor view and a quiet living space. Integra’s blinds are available in various sizes and colours to enhance the uniqueness of your home.

They are extremely easy to operate and pleasing to look at.

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