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Thermally Broken Aluminum Sydney Windows

IWe also offer a range of double glazed windows in Aluminum. However, unlike other Aluminum windows, the specific product from Integra windows is Thermally broken Aluminum in Sydney as well as other parts of Australia. This makes our window fully equipped with barrier to reduce or even completely eliminate the flow of thermal energy between conductive materials.

In short our Aluminum windows demonstrate high thermal performance and have been recognized for reducing
homeowners’ energy expenditures.

Aluminium Windows


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We at Integra windows offer Soundproof windows in Sydney, these windows are made up ofdouble- or triple-pane structures these windows are designed to have inherently good soundproofing qualities. In order to have an elegant and cost effective solution for the noise problem you face in your home these windows are the best solution for that. These windows are made up of durable material that not only control the voice in your home but also be an important part in the outlook of your home.

The soundproof windows from Integra window is a durable, long lasting and charming addition to your new and existing homes.

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