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uPVC Awning windows hinge from the top and open outward, allowing you to ventilate your property even while it’s lightly raining. These windows are a popular choice for properties with limited space, and with our thin yet durable uPVC frames you can maximise visibility and natural light in your home. When closed, the single or double glazed sashes lock tightly to protect interiors against the elements and outside noise. Our double glazed awning windows can be installed by themselves or with fixed panes to suit your property’s space and façade, and are available in a variety of colours and sizes.

Also please note that the double glazed awning windows we provide drop from the top of the frame allowing for hot air/smells escape the premises and new fresh air come in from the bottom of the frame. This eliminates issues with ventilation flows previously associated with awning windows

The Integra Windows team can recommend ideal uPVC double glazed windows and configurations for your property to ensure a balanced aesthetic. Arrange your free quote to explore the entire range of options.

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UPVC color options also available


Golden Oak

Nut Tree

Anthracite Grey


Grey Aluminium

Ash Black

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  • Multiple opening angles
  • Weather and fire resistance
  • Outstanding noise insulation
  • Optimal light and visibility
  • 50+ year service life and low maintenance
awning windows sydney


  • Protect your interiors from light rain and dust with top-opening hinges
  • Maximise the space in your property with outward opening panes
  • Maintain an ideal temperature indoors while letting in light
  • Keep windows secure with strong locking mechanisms
  • Pair easily with fixed panes to improve ventilation


  • Achieves 35 decibel at 12mm of thickness glass
  • Up to 45 decibel noise reduction at 20mm of thickness glass
  • Ranges from 12 – 20mm air gap
  • 4mm clear glass x 16mm air gap x 4mm clear glass is the most common configuration for our awning windows
  • Our multi-point locking system also adds to the noise reduction quality of our awning windows.
  • Ask about our new soft laminate coating that bounces sound away. A new innovation just released into the market.


  • Our products have up to 9.5 / 10 Stars on the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS)
  • To further increase the thermal efficiency we have Low E and Argon Gas options combined with the right combination of glass so we can reach the highest levels of thermal efficiency offered in the market.
  • 87% of all heat gain is through a window, 40% of all air conditioning output is lost through traditional windows.
  • The only thing more thermally efficient than our doubled glazed awning windows is insulated double brick walls
  • According to the Energy efficiency action plan (EEAP) from July 1st 2018, all new buildings must meet a higher level of thermal insulation throughout the structure.
  • Ensure your new project complies with these new regulations by using Integra Windows
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Integra Windows is a Sydney based doubled glazed windows manufacturer with the capacity to output 60 windows per day. We are able to accommodate any building program to suit your project needs. An average of 2 weeks supply time is available including our own in-house fully insured delivery service.

Contact us to get an estimate on delivery to your area.
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Need your uPVC awning windows installed?

Contact us to ask about how easy it is for a qualified professional to install our doubled glazed windows or enquire about our in-house installation service.

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Integra Windows offers an Australian exclusive 30 years warranty which is backed up by the Profile Manufacturers.

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